“Accumulate $YEM BEP-20 and become billionnaire !”


The loss of money in the cryptographic ecosystem seems to be reaching a record level and it is imperative to find solutions to considerably reduce the phenomenon.

$YEM BEP-20 stands as guarantor to reimburse all those who have been in one way or another robbed through unorthodox strategies thanks to smart contracts on the one hand.

$YEM BEP-20 allows all new crypto-investors to feel secure and enjoy their investment at any time.

Your Everyday Money Binance Network (YEM BEP-20) is the only cryptocurrency that establishes ethics and respect regarding the principle of bid and ask advocated by Satoshi Nakamoto. YEM BEP-20 has mission to train and make billionnaire thanks to « Your Everyday Money ».


Two billion $YEM BEP-20 are reserved for all YEM holders who have accumulated either through the whale phases which are currently underway at a very low price of $0.0001, or through presales (to come), or through aidrops currently underway or through the Rewards program, a total of at least 500,000 $YEM BEP-20.

For us this is one of the best ways to reward the majority of crypto-investors who have really lost money in the crypto ecosystem.

The distribution of these two billion $YEM will be spread over one year. So, the time to really enjoy your investments is now.

Accumulate enough $YEM BEP-20 before we move on to the second phase of Whitelists sale at $0.003

Modalities to take part in the rewards program

Two billion $YEM BINANCE tokens will be distributed to each $YEM BEP-20 holder of minimum of $500,000YEM

The principles of fairness and common sense are essential.

These $YEM tokens will be distributed proportionally according to the number of $YEM coins accumulated by each owner.

The minimum $YEM BEP-20 to accumulate to take part in this distribution is $500,000 YEM.

Several means are put in place for the accumulation of $YEM BEP-20 before the listing of the currency.

  1-$Yem BEP-20 airdrops

This is an excellent program set up to allow crypto enthusiasts to accumulate $YEM tokens without any investment.

Click here to start accumulating now

2- $Yem BEP-20 rewards

This program allows the $YEM BINANCE community to accumulate $YEM BINANCE tokens by supporting gas fees which amount to 0.01BNB.

The number of tokens currently per wallet is $30,000YEM and subject to downward reduction at any time.

Click here to receive your first $YEM tokens now.

3- Whitelists sale

This is the fastest way to quickly accumulate a lot of $YEM BEP-20 tokens.

The first phase is underway at a price of $0.0001.

It should be noted that the price of the 2nd phase of Whitelists sale is $0.0003 per token.

The minimum and maximum to invest in this program are respectively $50 and $2500 BNB.

Click here to enter the to enter the big leagues now.

4-Presale $Yem BEP-20

The last program to accumulate $YEM BEP-20 tokens is pre-sale phase. It will be in two phases respectively at prices of $0.001 and $0.005.

This phase will be scheduled just after the Sales Whitelists program.

So stay tuned.


This is one of the major concerns of every investor acquired for the new wind, a new flight and landing: The moon!

Here is a point-by-point overview of the listing of the $YEM currency.

  • November, December & January 2024

End of the two phases of Whitelist sales.

It should be noted here that the price for the first phase is $0.0001 and $0.0003 for the second phase of Whitelist Sales

So take advantage of these first two phases to accumulate as many $YEM coins as possible.

  • January, February and March 2024

End of the two Pre-Sale phases. The prices are respectively $0.001 and $0.005.

This is the time for the general public to discover rainbow currency.

An aggressive marketing campaign will be required.

  • Listing of $YEM BEP-20

The second phase of the $YEM Presale will be done on PinkSale to make the currency better known to everyone around the world.

$YEM will be automatically listed on PancakeSawap right at the end of the second Presale phase on PinkSale at a price of $0.01.

In the following days, $YEM will be listed on five centralized platforms. The listing will continue until we reach Binance and here no one will be surprised seeing $YEM price hit $10, $20, $100 etc.

So stay tuned.

$Yem Binance SafeZone Smart Contract and its adding to wallet

Cryptocurrencies are being created every day and it is important to know what to invest in. Several factors must be taken into account before investing in a nugget.

Here are the different information that must be taken into account before adding $Yem Binance to your wallet


-Platform : Binance Smart Chain

-Name: Your Everyday Money

-Symbole : $YEM

-Total Supply: 5,000,000,000$Yem

-Smart Contract:

-Decimal : 18

-Wallet: Web3 Wallet ( Metamask, Trust Wallet, Token Pocket etc)



1.OPEN your Metamask or Trust wallet etc

2.CHANGE Network to BSC network

3.CLICK on import token (Metamask). If you use Trust wallet, CLICK on customize token.

NB: Beware of scammers, so use the official smart contrat of $YEM BEP-20

4.CLICK on Custom token


5.Paste $YEM contract address on the token address box


6.The name and token decimal will come up instantly


7.Click on import

Thank you for your attention ! Moon is still not far from us.


The crypto market is risky. Therefore, always consult your financial advisors before making any investment decision. In any case, only invest the money allocated for investment.